Epidemic Sound Discount: 100%

Get a FREE subscription with this Epidemic Sound discount coupon, a library of over 40,000 audio tracks and 90,000 sound effects for your content. Connect your social networks and avoid copyright claims.

discount coupon epidemic sound juanma aranda
discount coupon epidemic sound juanma aranda
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Epidemic Sound Discount: 100%

Epidemic Sound Discount: 100% FREE for 7 days on this royalty-free music library for your videos or podcasts.
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Epidemic Sound Discount: 100%

With this coupon Epidemic Sound discount you will get a FREE 7-day 100% subscription to your Personal or Business plan.

What is Epidemic Sound?

This is a library of over 40,000 audio tracks and more than 90,000 sound effects for you to download and use in your content, live broadcasts or podcasts.

You can use the music of Epidemic Sound in all your social networks. The most basic plan allows you to use the music in one account per social network.

Find out how to access Epidemic Sound for free and empower your projects with high quality music.

Epidemic Sound discount code

If you are looking for high quality music for your audiovisual projects, Epidemic Sound is an excellent choice. Plus, if you want to save money on your subscription, you're in luck. With our discount code Epidemic Soundyou can obtain 7 days FREE to test your service.

With Epidemic SoundYou will have access to an extensive library of high quality, royalty-free music. This means you can use these songs in your videos, podcasts, presentations and any other creative project without having to worry about legal issues.

How to get the Epidemic Sound discount?

To take advantage of this incredible offer, simply register at Epidemic Sound using this link. The discount code Epidemic Sound will be applied automatically and for 7 days, you will be able to browse and download as many songs as you want, without restrictions.

Please note that this discount is only valid when you register for the first time. If you are already registered in Epidemic Sound, the system will not apply the discount.

Don't miss the opportunity to give a special touch to your projects with the music of Epidemic Sound. Take advantage of our discount code Epidemic Sound and enjoy 7 days FREE Sign up now and discover how music can transform your creations!

How does Epidemic Sound work?

By subscribing, you will connect your social networks with your user account of Epidemic Sound and all the content you publish while you have an active subscription, will be free of claims of copyright.

However, once you cancel your subscription to the Epidemic SoundYou will not be able to upload NEW content where you use those audio tracks or sound effects.

Once inside the platform, you can browse through all available audio tracks and download them (to include them in your recorded videos) or play any of their playlists in real time (very useful during your streaming).

There are many playlists created for every occasion, by theme or type of music ... but you can also create your own lists playback, adding your favorite tracks.

Do I have a commitment of permanence?

Leverage the Epidemic Sound discount does not imply any commitment of permanence. You are free to leave whenever you want. However, if you decide to return, you will have to pay the monthly fee at its normal price.

Where can I use the sounds?

The subscription of Epidemic Sound gives you the right to use the sounds on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch... and even on your podcast.

You simply have to add your social networks to your account in Epidemic SoundThe company has been asked to include them in a "white list", which avoids receiving complaints.

Can I use the sounds in monetized videos?

All subscription plans of Epidemic Sound allows you to monetize your videos without having to pay royalties on music downloaded from your library.

Plugin for Adobe Premier Pro

In addition, Epidemic Sound has a plugin to integrate into Adobe Premier Pro and, in this way, musicalize your creations directly from the application, without having to download the music previously on the Epidemic Sound website.

Track suggestions

Thanks to the SoundMatch feature, in the Epidemic Sound app (available for iOS and Android) you will be shown a list of tracks based on the frames of your content.

Reference tracks

From the Epidemic Sound website, you can search for tracks with a similar tone and sound, using your favorite riff, hook, drop or bridge.

Epidemic sound price

The Epidemic Sound price varies according to the type of plan you choose, thus adapting to different needs and budgets. For personal use, for example, the plan offers an affordable rate ideal for independent content creators who publish on platforms such as YouTube, Twich, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok... This flexibility makes it an attractive option for those looking for professional audio quality without making an excessive investment.

Form of paymentPersonal PlanCommercial Plan
Annual payment10.99/month24,99/month
Monthly payment17,99/month59,99/month
Monetization1 channel per social network3 accounts per platform
Epidemic Sound Pricing Plans

For those interested in the professional or business field, Epidemic Sound offers more advanced plans. These plans are designed to meet the needs of larger production teams, advertising agencies and other businesses that require more extensive use of the music library. These plans have a higher cost, reflecting the added value in terms of licensing and number of users allowed.

Importantly, all Epidemic Sound plans include access to the same high-quality library of over 90,000 sound effects and 40,000 tracks. The main difference lies in licenses and scale of use that each plan allows. This ensures that both individual creators and large companies can find a plan that fits their specific needs.

For new users, Epidemic Sound presents itself as an even more attractive option with its offer of 7-day free trial. During this period, you will be able to explore the entire library and download the music you need for your projects. This trial is an excellent opportunity to experiment with the quality and variety of your catalog before committing to a subscription.

Finally, once the free trial period is over, if you decide to continue with the subscription, the price of Epidemic Sound will be adjusted to the selected plan. Although the cost may be higher than other librariesThe quality of the music and the legal security provided by its royalty-free license are factors that many users consider valuable and justify the investment.

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