Discount Coupon TubeBuddy: 30 days FREE

Want to improve your presence on YouTube? Try TubeBuddy, the online tool that allows you to optimize your videos and get suggestions to improve SEO. Plus, with our discount coupon, get 30 days FREE on any of the payment plans.

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Discount Coupon TubeBuddy: 30 days FREE

Tubebuddy discount coupon: 30 days FREE on any of the payment plans of this tool.
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Discount Coupon TubeBuddy: 30 days FREE

TubeBuddy discount coupon: 30 days FREE in any of the payment plans that this tool has.

If you are wondering "tubebuddy what is"you've come to the right place. TubeBuddy is more than just an extension; it's a must-have ally for YouTube content creators.

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is an online tool designed to help YouTube content creators maximize their presence and performance on the platform. With TubeBuddy, content creators can track their stats, optimize their video titles and descriptions, and use a number of tools and templates to improve their overall channel.

Some of TubeBuddy's main features include the ability to track the most effective keywords and tags in your videos, as well as get suggestions for improving the SEO of your videos. It also offers a number of templates and editing tools to help creators optimize their thumbnails and video titles, and make quick and easy changes to their videos.

Among many other options, you will have:

  • Keyword Explorer
  • Templates for uploading videos with preset options
  • Card template
  • Final screen template
  • Bulk editing
  • Automatic sorting of labels by relevance
  • Checklist to improve positioning
  • Canned comments
  • A/B testing of miniatures
  • Etc

In addition, TubeBuddy also offers a number of collaboration and community management tools, which allow content creators to work with other creators and manage their comments and messages more efficiently. These tools also include the ability to schedule YouTube posts and videos so that they are published at the most appropriate time to reach a wider audience.

TubeBuddy connects to your YouTube channel through a browser extension. This will bring up a series of additional buttons to operate this tool when you enter your YouTube Studio. If you are wondering about "tube buddy"This is the first step to discover its power.

In summary, TubeBuddy is a valuable online tool for YouTube content creators looking to improve their presence and performance on the platform. It offers a number of useful tools and resources to optimize their videos and channels, and to collaborate and manage their communities more efficiently.

Is TubeBuddy FREE?

TubeBuddy is a so-called "freemium" tool. This means that it has a free plan but with limited options. The "free tubebuddy"is an excellent way to start exploring the functionalities that this tool offers without making any investment.

As you need more features, you will need to upgrade to a higher plan, such as the TubeBuddy PROwith a more than reasonable price and ideal for small channels that are just starting to grow. In addition, if your channel has less than 1000 subscribers, you will benefit from a 50% discount with the coupon RisingStarBuddy.

They also have a plan for more advanced users, the TubeBuddy Star which, in addition to giving you access to more analysis options, also allows you to enjoy agreements with other tools, such as the free subscription to AudioHero, with which you can download music for your videos with your corresponding license.

TubeBuddy in English

At the moment, TubeBuddy has no Spanish translation, neither on its website nor in the browser extension. It is all in English and, although it is something that has been proposed to the creators, for the moment it seems that they are not very determined to make this investment.

In any case, I leave you this video in which I explained many of the functions of TubeBuddy in Spanish, so you can see how this tool works.

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