vidIQ Discount Code: -35%

35% discount for 12 months on vidIQ Boost! A powerful tool to optimize your YouTube presence. With features such as analytics, keyword explorer and channel audit.

discount coupon viidiq juanma aranda
discount coupon viidiq juanma aranda
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vidIQ Discount Code: -35%

vidiQ discount code: 35% discount for 12 months on the Boost Plan with month-to-month payment.
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vidIQ Discount Code: -35%

With this vidIQ discount coupon you will get a 35% discount for 12 months on the Boost plan of this powerful tool to help you grow on YouTube. Whether you are looking for the free vidIQ If you have basic functions or want to invest in a more advanced tool, this coupon is an unmissable opportunity.

vidIQ what is

vidIQ is a must-have analytics and optimization tool for YouTube content creators. With it, it is possible to obtain in-depth statistics, discover trends and better understand the key metrics that influence video and channel growth and visibility.

The platform stands out for its browser extensionwhich allows users to analyze the performance of their content directly on YouTube. This makes it easier to identify opportunities for improvement and implement data-driven strategies to boost viewership.

Among its most valued functions is the keyword explorerwhich helps youtubers choose the most effective terms for their titles, descriptions and tags. This resource is essential to improve search rankings and increase the reach of published videos.

vidIQ also offers a system of channel auditvidIQ provides personalized recommendations to optimize content and adjust tactics according to current trends. This makes vidIQ an ally to stay competitive in such a dynamic environment as YouTube.

In addition, with vidIQ users can access a centralized dashboard where all relevant insights are collected, enabling convenient and efficient monitoring of video performance. No doubt about it, vidIQ is a comprehensive solution for those who aspire to professionalize their YouTube presence and take their channel to the next level.

What vidIQ is used for

VidIQ serves as an essential tool for optimize YouTube contentproviding detailed analytics and strategic suggestions. Through its platform, creators can better understand how to improve the visibility of their videos and increase their reach within the YouTube community. With VidIQ, it is possible to discover best practices and current trends, essential for those seeking success in this competitive space.

By using VidIQ, users gain access to real-time data about the performance of your videos and your audience. This information allows you to make adjustments and informed decisions about future content production. In addition, VidIQ provides keyword and tag recommendations that can increase the likelihood that videos will be discovered by new viewers, helping to improve video SEO.

One of VidIQ's most outstanding features is its competitor tracking system. Users can monitor similar channels and compare statistics, allowing them to identify what is working for other creators in their niche. This competitive intelligence is key to adapting and fine-tuning content strategies in order to stay ahead of the curve on YouTube.

In addition, VidIQ offers features for channel management such as the bulk editor and thumbnail maker, which save time and simplify the publishing process. These tools are helpful in maintaining a consistent and professional look and feel across all videos, elements that contribute significantly to building a personal or business brand on the platform.

Finally, VidIQ is not only useful for analysis and optimization, but it also acts as a virtual coach for content creators. It offers tutorials and educational resources that teach how to make the most of the opportunities YouTube offers, ensuring that users not only improve their technical skills, but also their strategic understanding of video content creation.

vidIQ Price

VidIQ is a so-called "freemium" tool. That is to say, within the tool there are options that, in order to use them, you will need one of its paid versions.

The free plan is called vidIQ Freewith which you will have access to some very interesting, although somewhat limited, tools. However, if you want to try free vidIQ before committing to a paid plan, this version is a great way to get started.

Currently, vidIQ has two payment plans, both with the possibility of monthly and annual payment.

vidIQ Pricing PlansAnnual paymentMonthly paymentMonthly payment (with coupon)
Boost Plan (1 channel)16,58€/month19€/month12,35/month
Boost Plan (2 channels)23/month29/month18,85/month
Boost Plan (3 channels)31€/month39/month25,35/month
Coaching Plan99/month179/month
vidIQ 2024 pricing

What does vidIQ Boost include?

  • Unlimited video ideas
  • Unlimited generation of thumbnails
  • Unlimited keyword search
  • Unlimited video optimizations
  • Unlimited subscriber information

vidIQ discount coupon

If you have planned your YouTube channel as a business, you definitely need to use a paid version of vidIQ to grow. You should see it as an investment rather than an expense.

Right now, for a limited time, you can take advantage of this vidIQ discount coupon and get a 35% discount for the first 12 months when you subscribe to the Boost Plan, which will give you an unbeatable price for 1 year.

To get the vidIQ discount, just follow these steps:

  • Access from this link and create your vidIQ account.
  • Click on your avatar, top right.
  • In the drop-down menu, choose the option "Plans".
  • Select the payment method "Monthly".
  • Within the Boost Plan, choose how many channels to add to your vidIQ account (1, 2 or 3).
  • Click on the blue button "Subscribe to Boost".
  • Click on "Add promo code".
  • Enter the coupon you have found on this page
  • Click on "Apply".
  • Enter your credit card information and click on "Pay now".

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