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Maintaining a YouTube Channel with updated content, entails a personal wear and tear and an economic expense that you can only imagine when you have your own.

Joining my Community doesn't just mean enjoying benefits and extra contentWe also collaborate with the economic support of the Channel and allow you to continue enjoying its content whenever you need it.

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Priority in responses

As a Community Member, you will have priority in responding to comments you leave on any of the YouTube Channel videos.

Early access

Members will be able to preview, on an exclusive basis, some of the videos that are posted on the YouTube Channel before they are made public.

Exclusive content

As a Channel Member, you will enjoy Extra Content on the YouTube Channel (videos, video-podcasts, communications, etc), which will not be available to other viewers.

Live broadcasts

Replays of some of the live broadcasts will only be visible to Members of the channel. They will also have access to exclusive New Direct to Members.

Resource download

Members will have access to a complete list of Resources, sorted by category, which they can download for free use.

Private meetings

We periodically organize private meetings for Members only, which we take advantage of to get to know each other and share our projects, ask for feedback, etc.

Private group on Telegram

Members will have access to the Telegram Private Group, where we already are 23 streamers and we talked about different topics related to Streaming and video communication.

Video courses

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5 reasons to become a member

Show your support

Help us continue to create updated videos and keep the channel active.

Exclusive benefits

Enjoy special benefits such as members-only videos, live streams, loyalty badges and other unique channel benefits.

Join the close circle

Become part of a member community with access to exclusive posts, chats and content.

Get recognition

Channel members get the thank you on all videos.

Earn loyalty rewards 

Long-time members can earn exclusive loyalty badges, reward messages and more.

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Payment is made on your YouTube account

BASIC Member

1,99 / month

Priority in responses


Early access

Exclusive content

Live broadcasts

best rated

PRO Member

4,99 / month

Advantages of the Basic Level

Resource download

Canva Templates

Private meetings

Telegram access

VIP Member

9,99 / month

Advantages of the Basic Level

Advantages of the Pro Level

Video courses

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to become a Member?

The price of the membership depends on the Level you choose. You have several options, from 1,99€ to 9,99€ per month.

Of this money, YouTube always keeps a 30% commission and sends me the other 70%.
That is, if for example you pay 4,99€, I will actually receive 3,49€.

What do I get for being a Member?

At a minimum, all channel Memberships include a loyalty badge that you will receive when you join. This badge will allow you to stand out in the channel's comments and live chat.

The additional benefits vary according to the Level you choose and you can check them all out in the table you have below.

How do I become a Community Member?

To become a Channel Member, you can follow these steps:
- Visit the website or open the YouTube app.
- Go to my channel or (to one of my videos), and check that you are subscribed.
- Select Join and choose a Membership Level.
- Follow the instructions to enter your payment information.
- Select Buy.

I can't find the button to join What can I do?

YouTube was making some changes in its interface to leave more free space on the screen to put its ads. So now, the "Join"will only appear once you are already subscribed to the channel.

In addition, it is possible that in some mobile devices it may not appear, so I recommend that you do it directly from a computer.

To whom do I make the payment?

The whole payment process is done on YouTube, with total security. They are the ones who will charge you the monthly fee and you will see it reflected in your card or Paypal account as "YouTube".

How long does my membership last?

The channel membership is renewed monthly, automatically, at the rate corresponding to the level you have chosen. Unless you indicate otherwise, your membership will remain active, but you can cancel it at any time.

I am already a PRO or VIP Member How do I join Telegram?

To join Streamers Group, just follow these steps:
- Once YouTube confirms your membership (PRO or VIP only), access the "Members" tab and look for the post containing the Telegram Group Access link.
- Now the Moderator Bot will show you the group rules.
- You have 3 minutes to read and accept the rules. If you don't accept them or don't answer in 3 minutes, the bot will expel you from the group.

I am already a Community Member How can I see my benefits?

Go to the main channel page and select "View Benefits" or click on the "View Benefits" button. Members tab.

How do I cancel my Membership?

On the channel home page, click on View benefits to open the membership management screen, select the cogwheel icon, click on Cancel membership and its benefits.

You can also follow these steps on a computer to cancel your membership at any time:
- Access YouTube.
- Go to youtube.com/paid_memberships.
- Find the membership of the channel you want to cancel and click Manage membership.
- Select OFF.
- You will see a screen to confirm the cancellation.