About me

My name is Juanma Aranda and I will help you to improve your streaming and video communication sessions! Learn more about my experience and passion for teaching and sharing knowledge here!

To innovate is to do what others do not do; it is the result of listening, observing, questioning and experimenting.

Jack Ma

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Who am I?

My name is Juanma Aranda and I will help you improve your streaming and video communication sessions.

I am an Andalusian who arrived in Madrid a few years ago looking for professional development and growth.

Having completed my studies as a Administrative Technician SpecialistI worked for several companies performing tasks of the profession until I was hired as director of a training center.

It was there that I discovered that my true passion was to teach, train and share my knowledge with others who could benefit from it.

More about me

Once I arrived in the big city, in the capital of Spain, I had several jobs (mostly as a telephone operator) until I finally got stability in a well-known insurance company, where I have been working as a Manager for more than 15 years.

At the same time, I have never stopped training on my own, for example, as a Trainer of Trainers y Insurance Mediator.

The need to create a website with dynamic content, made me research and learn everything about WordPress management in a self-taught way. That's when I really started to get to know a content management tool called WordPress.

From that moment on I also participated with the WordPress Community as much as I could, being part of the team of translators of WordPress Spain, sharing my knowledge through my blog WordPress For Beginnersor as a member of the local community organization of WordPress Madrid y WordCamp Madrid 2023.

I also created the WordPress for Newbies Podcast, that could be downloaded from the main platforms such as ivoox, iTunes, Spreaker..., which allowed me to reach many more people who did not know my blog yet.

And if I didn't have enough with all this, I decided to create also my channel of Youtubewhere he published videos explaining step by step how to perform various tasks in WordPress: from something as fundamental as the installation to how to properly configure a plugin.

In this same channel I broadcasted every week and for two seasons, live, the WPlive program: an informative program in which I did a tour of the WordPress news, community events, job offers, etc..

In addition, in many programs there was a guest willing to share his knowledge on a topic also related to WordPress.

Subsequently, I started an online business: WPACADEMIA. An online platform with courses to learn WordPress, through video tutorials and with certificate of achievement.

The arrival of the pandemic in 2020 changed our behavior, living habits and also the way we work and relate to others. 

It was from that moment on that I had to adapt my content and services to the situation we were living. Remote meetings, online training, livestreaming increased exponentially and, therefore, so did the behavior of my target audience.

My clients started to ask me for training in video-communication tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, OBS, StreamYard, Restream... so I understood that, at that moment, I should also change the content of my YouTube channel and adapt it to the current needs.

From that moment on, the visits on YouTube were multiplying, until they exceeded 13,000 subscribers, and that also increased my clients in this type of service.

In 2023 I obtained the certification Metricool Expertwhich allowed me to acquire knowledge on the advanced use of Metricool for the analysis of social media metrics, content planning, report generation, competitor comparisons, comment management and other additional functions.

I am currently helping individuals, professionals and SMEs to integrate streaming as an additional content marketing strategy so that they can reach more people.

My YouTube channel

If you have reached this page, it is probably because you have seen some of my videos on my YouTube channel.



More than 1.5 million views of my videos since I created the channel.



The channel already has more than 14,420 subscribers, who like the content I publish and show me their support.

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More than 86,800 hours of viewing of my content since the launch of the channel.

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